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Hasanath since 1971 has helped thousands of students

President's Desk

Message from President's Desk
Janab Sayeed Munaver Saheb

Welcome to Hasanath Group of College. Whether you're looking to build life-long skills, gain career experience, achieve certifications, or take the first steps to a bachelor's degree at our prestigious college, HES college has what you need.

For more than 47+ years, HES College has been defined by its unwavering commitment to our students academic and personal development. We have worked tirelessly to create a campus culture that prioritizes quality education, as well as respect and collegiality among students, faculty, and staff. It is my honor and privilege to build on that legacy as the College's fourth president. HES college has provided high-quality, affordable, and convenient career education.

We offer students a welcoming learning environment that is rich with diversity. The broad range of resources, programs, and services we offer are tailored to help students do well personally and academically, and to prepare for their future professional success. Our dedicated staff and faculty are fully committed to helping students succeed. We have provided continuing education to thousands of students.The quality of our educational programs can be measured in many ways. More than 90 percent of students who persist to graduate from one of our pre-university or Degree programs report satisfaction with our programs and services.

I invite you to explore our website. You will learn about one of the best community colleges in the state and in the nation-a college dedicated to enhancing student learning and fostering community growth and development.

I enjoy meeting as many of our students as possible, and hope to personally welcome you to campus one day soon. Welcome to HES!

Chief Operations Officer

Message from COO Desk
Mr Satish Setty

Since 1971 Hasanath Group Of Colleges has evolved to be a leader in the field of Education. This success story of HES college, can solely be attributed to the Spirit of its people. This Spirit of HES college guides us to make the HES Vision a reality. Our Spirit sums up our key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

The Core values at HES focuses on our students and our teachers, all other activities happen between them, aptly our Spirit has the Students and Teachers as the cornerstones of our theme. Everybody at HES college, regardless of the position they serve, measure themselves against these KPI’s and go through the process of self evaluation to see how they contribute to the success of each of these parameters. This very essence of self appraisal coupled with the pride we have in our work has resulted in providing the best for our students.

Our Spirit serves as a constant reminder to all of us to champion the cause of the HES KPI's. We are indeed blessed with a great team of people with the sole ambition of contributing to our student’s growth for the greater good of the society. Our people armed with these simple philosophies will continue to produce quality graduates who will be the pride of any nation in the world.

It is our unwavering commitment to the highest quality education that has sped us along on this journey. I would also like to thank the generations of parents who have entrusted us with the care and education of their children. It is their faith and belief in the HES values – Perseverance, Excellence and Service – that has helped us come this far. Our unique educational system will ensure that you gain