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The college has highly Qualified, competent and experience members of faculty, who impart education with clarity and precision. The staff guide and counsel the students in times of need and help them to achieve the best in academic performance.
List of Teaching Staff
Sl# Name Qualification Department
1 Dr.Alla Bakash.S M.Com, MBA, Ph.D Commerce
2 Dr. Rahamatullah Khan M.Com, Ph.D Commerce
3 Mrs Amruthamma K.V. M.P.Ed (Ph.D) Physical Edn
4 Dr. Mohd. Shamshuddin M.A, Ph.D Urdu
5 Mrs. Madhuri Reddy M.A, M.Phil Hindi
6 Mr. Syed Mueen M.A, M.Phil Kannada
7 Ms. Rabina M.Com Commerce
8 Ms. Asmath Sara M.Com Commerce
9 Mrs. Yasmeen Begum M.COM, MBA Commerce/Mgmt
10 Mr. Fuzail Ahmed M.B.A, PGDMM
11 Ms. Umme Salma M.Com Commerce
12 Ms. Kamakshi.N M.A English
13 Mr. Venkata Ravi Kumar M.C.A Computer Science
14 Ms. Saranya.M M.Sc(Comp) Computer Science




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